Free Toolkit for Lightroom

LR Toolkit lets you create your own personalized Lightroom workflow system. The base kit comes with 6 modules that you can mix and match and it’s absolutely free.

Included in the Free Base Kit

Mix and match modules to create your own personalized workflow system. LR Toolkit comes with 6 free modules to get you started.


Adaptive Exposure

Correct your photos exposure while automatically adjusting the tonal settings to subtly preserve details.


White Balance

Adjust the white balance in a multitude of colors such as Blue/Yellow, Aqua/Amber, Aqua/Orange, Teal/Coral, and Green/Purple


Dynamic Range

Enhance the details in your photo while maintaining consistent colors. This module is useful for maximizing details or correcting excessive HDR/DRI effects.



Crush the shadows/highlights for a faded film effect.


Color Boost

Selectively give colors a boost in the reds, greens, or blues. You can also do the opposite to make colors have less pop to them. This algorithm works differently than the vibrance and saturation sliders.


Adaptive Contrast

Change the contrast while maintaining consistent colors and skin tones.

Master Kit / Premium LR Toolkit Modules


Master Kit

Upgrade your workflow with the Master Kit! This kit contains all premium modules.


Shadow Fade

Create a faded film effect by crushing the shadows. This module extends on the Fade module with presets that enable shadow-only fades.


Night Film Toning

Add a tungsten or teal tint to the shadows to emulate the film look in night photos.


Channel Contrast

Create a variety of vintage film looks by manipulating the individual tone curve channels.


B&W Color Filters

Emulate the look of B&W filters or the Channel Mixer in Photoshop. These presets let you turn color photos into B&W using a variety of mixes.


New: Hue Shift

Easily shift the hue to correct colors or to emulate film color effects.